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Biography of shush shoo

Thank you for taking the time to look at Shush It is indeed a wonderful pleasure to be able to share Shush Shoo's oriental dancing experience with you.

Influenced by a fascination with Egyptian films when she was younger, Shush Shoo has been dancing professionally for over 12 years.

She is of Egyptian and Brazilian blood and was born in London. Shush Shoo remembers watching them, thinking 'Wow, maybe I can do that too! Little do most people know, it takes years of vigorous training and determination to learn the art form of Rak Sharqi (oriental dance).

Shush Shoo was very enthusiastic and discovered that she had the natural ability to 'belly dance'. She studied very hard, and also travelled to Egypt constantly, watching dancers to learn from them.  After an extremely short period of 2 years, Shush Shoo wowed audiences with her professional dancing.

This does not happen easily, Shush Shoo trained day and night. But anyone can become a belly dancer with the correct training and determination! She is now a classically trained 'Belly Dancer.

Shush Shoo has danced many times for Egyptian weddings and parties.  She also still travels to Egypt frequently, in Cairo, where all her costumes are made to measure, yet designed by her.

Oriental Dance' is a style of dancing that captivates its audiences. If danced correctly, Belly Dancing is an art form. It is a thing of beauty that flows and floats from the heart. It is a wonderful form of family entertainment!